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The Dragon of the Sleeping Forest

Have you ever heard the Story of the Sleeping Forest?
In the middle of the forest, there is a castle guarded by the dragon and the princess is sleeping inside the castle.

The Prince of Golden Armor was one of many knights who came to the forest to save the princess.
But the forest showed him all the otherworldly scenes to deceive the prince.
The cabins dancing rufty tufty. The tree dubbing rooster a knight. The soup bowl waging war on teapot riding spearfish.
The prince ignored all of them and found the lady dancing and singing in the silent woods alone.
The prince so naive and pure danced with her like they did once upon a dream.
When they were having a good time talking and laughing, the prince asked the lady.
Do you know where is the Sleeping Beauty.

The lady changed her face, - by the claret beard of my mother! - grotesquely twisted her body and transformed into the Black Dragon.
The dreamlike forest disappeared and the hellfire filled everywhere.

You dare try to destroy the dream like the others! The one who interrupt my sleep; I will kill him, bite him, burn him!

The thunderous roar came from the sky, and the dragon breathed fire.

The prince equipped his shield on the end of his spear.
The shield started to spin with the wind noise.
Black Dragon of Nightmare! You must be the monster who imprisoned the princess.
Now, let my shield blade sever your evil flame.